IDIOMS with numbers and quantities


Let’s discover today some useful and funny idiomatic expressions with NUMBERS & QUANTITIES (IDIOMS) to help you improve your English knowledge and understanding of the situations.

As you certainly know, idiomatic expressions are used when speaking informally (de manière informelle). They are not used in formal exchanges (ne sont pas utilisées dans le langage formel).

Expressions utiles avec des nombres et des quantités

Voici un aperçu des expressions que je vais vous livrer dans cet article :


. A chance in a million: a very small chance, nearly no chance at all

There is a chance in a million of finding the earring you lost on the beach.

. (To look) like a million dollars = extremely good

With her new dress she was looking like a million dollars this evening.


. Twenty-four-seven = 24 h sur 24

The office is open 24-7 (twenty-four-seven).

. In seventh heaven

I was in seventh heaven when I spent a weekend at this five-star hotel.


. In one go/at one fell swoop = d’un seul coup

It will be easier to do it in one go/at one fell swoop.

. One hand washes the other (and together they wash the face) = l’union fait la force

When people cooperate, they achieve results more easily, that’s why we say one hand washes the other.

. One horse town = un coin perdu, une ville/un village isolé/e, “un trou”

This place is a one horse town because nothing much ever happens there.

. To be one step ahead of… = avoir une longueur d’avance sur…

The company is very successful. They have always one step ahead of their competitors.

. To look out for number one = chercher à être le premier

Looking out for number one is not compatible with friendship.


. First come first served: This expression means that people will be served strictly in the order they arrive.

Tickets for the match will be sold on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

. First and foremost = avant tout

First and foremost I want to thank our hosts for their wonderful reception.


. (To be) on cloud nine = (être) aux anges

When I met her, I was on cloud nine.

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