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Expressions with AND in the middle (nouns, adverbs, verbs…)

Did you notice that some EXPRESSIONS have the conjunction AND in the middle? Expressions with AND, like: the pros and cons, the ups and downs or body and mind. There is also verb constructions like: to go and take something (= aller chercher), and the like. I suggest that we take a look at those EXPRESSIONS which will help you speak English like a native. What are these EXPRESSIONS?

Here are some examples, for the whole subject, check the ESPACE PRO above.

Just before I give you the examples, let me tell you that these expressions with AND are usually called BINOMIALS (BI-NOMIALS meaning an expression made of 2 nouns, knowing that we also find expressions made of adverbs, adjectives and the like).

Some of the Expressions with AND in the middle


The pros and cons (prepositions) = le pour et le contre, les avantages et les inconvénients – I will weigh the pros and cons of the method before applying it = je pèserai le pour et le contre, j’évaluerai les avantages et les inconvénients de la méthode avant de l’appliquer

The ups and downs (prepositions) = les hauts et les bas – I often have ups and downs = j’ai souvent des hauts et des bas – the ups and downs of life = les hauts et les bas de la vie

The whys and wherefores (adverbs) = le comment et le pourquoi, les tenants et les aboutissants – We have to wonder about the whys and wherefores of such results = nous devons nous interroger sur le pourquoi et le comment de tels résultats


Well and truly/really and truly = bel et bien (aussi: definitively) – It has well and truly happened = C’est bel et bien arrivé – They are well and truly married = ils sont bel et bien mariés


Cut and dried = net, tout fait – There is no cut and dried answer = il n’y a pas de réponse toute faite – A cut and dried situation = une situation nette – It’s not a cut and dried issue = ce n’est pas un problème simple


To go and take = aller chercher – He went and took the newspaper = il est allé chercher le journal

To try and get = essayer d’obtenir – She will try and get some information = elle va essayer d’obtenir de l’information

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