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It’s 2020 now, and it’s time to think about our Resolutions for 2020.

I need a change in my life. What are my resolutions for 2020? This is what I thought when I got up on the first day of the year.

What kind of change do I really want to operate in my life? Indeed, I realised that I wanted to do all the things I hadn’t had enough time to do last year. And that I had a lot of objectives I hadn’t achieved until now. Suddenly, I began to feel overwhelmed by too many ideas and emotions. I finally decided that I had to choose between all these things and objectives, and I opted for three of them.

What about you? What kind of changes do you actually need?

As everybody, you have plenty of things in mind that you have had no time to achieve until last year. And these things suddenly seem to become urgent because each time there is a New Year, you want to do everything at the same time. This is a common feeling and I think everybody feels at least a little like that.

Anyway, what is important now is to make things clear: you have to choose 3 out of these objectives because you cannot fulfill all your wishes at the same time. So, today, your mission is to make a choice. What are the 3 objectives you want to prioritize? Then, you will have to decide which of those three is the most important and you will tackle to first.

Get different results by changing your vision of life

Whatever objective you choose, whether it’s learning English or travel the world, something has to be clear: you will never get different results if you behave in the same way as last year. A certain attitude brings the same results. If you wish to get new outcomes, you must change something. The question is: what are you going to change to get different results, the results you truly expect?

My aim today is to help you change something in your life so that this change produces brand new fruits.

There is a person whose videos gave me inspiration to write this article. This speaker and writer is Dr. Dispenza. By the way, you can find more about him on or, in French, on What does he say?

If I sum up what I listened to from him recently, I could put it this way:

If you want to see real change happening in your life, you have to define a new vision of the present bigger than you, you have to change your thoughts. By changing the way you see life, by thinking differently, you will produce different results.

T H E   E Q U A T I O N   I S :

New thoughts -> new information -> new choices -> new behaviours -> new expectations -> new emotions -> new thoughts, and so on.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says that we have:

“to step into the river of change” and

“to live as if our wish was happening in our mind”.

Your vision has to be alive in your mind. You have to give life to it every day, every minute!

If you become aware of your environment, it will no longer influence you in a way that you didn’t choose.

So, the point is to observe, notice what is influencing you at the moment so that you are able to no more accept this influence, which will become possible by changing your vision of reality.

We shouldn’t continue to be just a record of the past if we want to influence the present time. In that way, we will become the creators of our future.

How to become the creator of my present and future?

. Think differently and master your thoughts, don’t accept that thoughts you don’t agree with influence you in a way you didn’t choose

. Make your objective clear and alive in your head, and dedicate time to it in a concrete way

. Become aware of the field of your possibilities and believe in yourself!

As soon as a thought comes in your mind which is not something you agree with, don’t attach any importance to it so that if flies away at once. You choose. Nobody ever has the right to make you do something you don’t want to. You are the decision-maker, nobody else!

If you stick to it, if you sort out your thoughts rigorously, you will see great change happening in your life. That’s my promise to you today!

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