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IMMIGRATION, reasons, statements, issues and solutions

IMMIGRATION, the reasons, statements, issues and solutions. Parlez anglais plus facilement !

What can we say about this tricky issue, which currently concerns many people on earth? Let’s take a look at some important points of this hot topic, which gives a headache to the governments of the planet [to give a headache = donner du fil à retordre].

First(ly), let’s wonder why people flee their country.

They leave because (of):

  • the climate changes and their consequences
  • a bad economic situation
  • they are in search of a better life
  • the quest for a (better) job
  • they are seeking an Eldorado
  • the poor condition of sanitation and life conditions bringing extreme poverty

Then, some statements are necessary to arouse reactions in people. What are they?

Thirdly: what about the difficulties immigrants themselves meet with when they travel and when they arrive?

And finally, what are the solutions to this issue (generally speaking)?

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