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Here are all the noun endings or noun suffixes with some examples. Between brackets, you will find some more details about the kind of words that have this specific ending. Take a look, it’s interesting:

-tion/-sion/-ction (process, state or result): demonstration, action, contribution; immersion, admission, inclusion; connection, addiction

-ment (action or resulting state): development, agreement, argument

-ing (action or result): painting, reading, travelling

-ance/-ence (action or state): importance, instance; defence, difference, adolescence

-ancy/-ency (state or quality): vacancy; emergency, fluency

-age (process, result, place, social aspect or measure): coverage, package, carriage, wastage, garage, marriage, shortage

-al (result): arrival, burial, deferral

-dom (condition or result): random, freedom, boredom

-ess (state or result): distress, excess, largess, progress, access, address

-ess (makes a feminine form): waitress, actress, princess

-ness (state, condition or quality): happiness, fitness, business (= fait d’ĂȘtre occupĂ©), fairness

-ism (belief or condition): Judaism, Catholicism, patriotism, criticism, optimism, organism

-ity/-ty (quality of): stability, security, vitality, veracity; beauty, variety, originality

-ary (receptacle, noun denoting objects, place or professional title): dictionary, library, boundary, secretary, notary

-ory (place for or serves for): factory, laboratory, inventory

-ery (a type or place): bakery, grocery, cemetery, winery

-cy (action, practice, state or quality of): policy, emergency, stagnancy, democracy, accuracy

-y (state, condition or result of an activity): anatomy, fantasy, amnesy

-ology (the study of…): pharmacology, gynecology, horology

-ure (act, condition, process or function): gesture, leisure, enclosure, magistrature

-ship (status or condition): friendship, apprenticeship, membership

-hood (state, condition, character, nature or class of persons): neighbourhood, fancihood, childhood, manhood

-sis (process or action): synopsis, hypothesis, diagnosis

-ful (adjective-based): a handful of…

-or (condition or activity): horror, pallor, honor, elevator, bachelor, warrior

-er/-or (person): teacher, announcer; administrator, actor, supervisor

-ant/-ent (person or state): participant, assistant, giant; student, accident

-ee (person): employee, referee, refugee

-ist (person): florist, physicist, therapist

-an/-cian/-ean (person): historian; musician, electrician; Epicurean

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