LINKING WORDS ou MOTS DE LIAISON (énumérer, contredire, expliquer, conclure, etc.)

Lorsqu’on s’exprime, on utilise de manière automatique des LINKING WORDS. Il s’agit de ces petits mots de liaison ou de transition comme: premièrement, ensuite, de plus… POUR ENUMERER, ou moreover, in addition… POUR AJOUTER, ou encore in contrast, even though… POUR S’OPPOSER. Il y a aussi, si l’on veut RESUMER: in other words, on the whole, clearly…, sans oublier des mots spécifiques si l’on veut EXPLIQUER, DIRE LE BUT, LA CONSEQUENCE ou CONCLURE (REASONS, PURPOSE, CONSEQUENCE or CONCLUSION). Quels sont précisément ces MOTS DE LIAISON indispensables pour parler anglais, et comment les utiliser ?


First (premièrement)

First, the company shareholders came in (actionnaires de la société).


Then they sat down and initiated talks (ouvrir la discussion).

First of all (avant tout, pour commencer)

First of all, they had to speak about the different issues.

Secondly, thirdly, fourthly… (premièrement, deuxièmement, troisièmement, quatrièmement…)

Secondly, they had to find a solution to the different issues.


Eventually/finally, they stroke a deal and passed a new law (conclure un accord et voter une nouvelle loi).

Next (puis, ensuite)

Next, it will be time to enforce this law (appliquer cette loi).

After that

After that, they will have to be vigilant enforcing the law.


Later, we will see the consequences of the law enforcement (application de la loi).

Last (la dernière fois)

I last saw them one week ago (la dernière fois que je les ai vus, c’était il y a une semaine).

In the end

In the end, things improved (les choses se sont améliorées).

Afterward(s) (par la suite, ensuite, après, après coup)

The problems began afterwards.


Furthermore (de plus, en outre)

It’ s cloudy today and furthermore it’s going to rain this afternoon.

In addition/additionally

You can order the items over the internet. In addition/additionally, you can easily pay online via Paypal.


They were very tired after walking the whole day. Moreover, some of them had injured themselves.

Besides (d’ailleurs)

They are going along well together. Besides, it has been like that from the beginning.

Not only… but (also) (non seulement, mais encore)

It is not only a matter of time but we should also try to put all our efforts into that attempt.


What I like most is swimming and surfing.

As well as (ainsi que)

I will take my belongings with me as well as a picnic.


He is very performing but he is also a bit impatient or but he is a bit impatient too.

Both… and… (à la fois)

I can both swim and surf.

Equally important (tout aussi important)

I think we have to focus on the question. Equally important is our behaviour in this affair.

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