TO GET: Learn the GET VERBS AND EXPRESSIONS through a short story

Today, let’s take a look at the main GET VERBS AND EXPRESSIONS.
TO GET is a very common basic verb used in many expressions, notably in phrasal verbs (get+préposition=special meaning) or combined with adjectives (or the like). As it’s a bit difficult to remember all the GET forms, I suggest that you read this SHORT DIALOGUE because it will help you memorize them. Learning while having fun, this is the best solution for you who want to learn English effectively!

So, here is an extract of the short GET FORM TEXT (the whole text can be found on Espace Pro):

TO GET, text extract

Phrasal Verbs and Expressions with GET

Short dialogue

Lisa got in touch with her friend Jane to tell her what had happened the day before

I got involved in a strange story, she said

I got acquainted with a man a while ago. His name is Steve.

I got to know him better after some weeks

Yesterday, though, I had the feeling I had got caught in a tricky affair

But it‘s getting late… Do you want me to go on with the story?

Oh, it doesn’t matter if it‘s getting late… I will get home later. Tell me, Lisa!


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