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Voici l’entier de l’article sur les verbes de transformation. Ce sujet vous aidera à traduire votre pensée en anglais sans avoir à hésiter quand vous parlez ou rédigez un texte quel qu’il soit.

Sachez aussi que je donne également des cours de préparation aux Certifications officielles de Cambridge (débutant A1 à avancé C1).

Maintenant, la  suite du sujet :


Voici différentes manières de traduire en anglais le verbe devenir ou des verbes de transformation de base :

Devenir … = to become …, to go …, to get …, to turn (into) …, to come …

  • My dream came true! = Mon rêve est devenu réalité !

Se transformer en … = to change into …, to transform into …, to turn into …

  • Our holidays turned into a nightmare! = Nos vacances se sont transformées en cauchemar !

Muter = to mutate


Devenir (plus) simple, sociable = to become simple(r), (more) outgoing/sociable

Grandir = (in size or height) to grow, to become bigger/taller ; (to become more mature) to grow up

Mûrir = (fruit) to ripen, to get/become ripe ; (pers.) to become mature, to mature, to grow up

Progresser, faire des progrès = to progress, to make progress

S’améliorer = to get better, to improve

Se calmer = to calm down, to quiet down, to become quiet

S’éclairer, s’illuminer, se clarifier = to light up, to become clear(er)

Tomber amoureux = to fall in love (with)


Devenir fou, insupportable, compliqué … = to go crazy, to become unbearable, to get complicated, …

Empirer = to worsen

Moisir, pourrir = to rot (rotten = moisi, pourri)

Renchérir = to become more expensive

Rougir = to blush, to go/turn red, to redden

Rouiller = to rust

S’abîmer, s’altérer = to fall into disrepair ; (perishable) to spoil, to go bad, to go off

S’altérer = to deteriorate

S’assombrir = to darken, to get dark, to grow dark – It’s getting dark ; (face) to cloud over ; (pers.) to become gloomy

S’énerver = to get nervous, to work oneself up

Se salir = to get dirty

Tomber malade = to fall ill, to get sick

SPECIFIC MEANING (alphabetical)

Apparaître = to appear

Augmenter = to increase, to rise, to grow, to go up

Bronzer, brunir = to tan, to get a tan, to go braun

Changer d’avis = to change one’s mind – He changed his mind

Disparaître = to disappear

Fusionner = to merge

Geler = to freeze

Jaunir, brunir, verdir, etc. = to turn or to go yellow, braun, green, etc.

Passer (à autre chose) = to move to (something else)

Rajeunir = to become younger

S’affaiblir = to weaken

S’affiner = to get thinner

Sécher = to dry

Se dissoudre, fondre = to dissolve, to melt

Se durcir = to harden, to solidify, (fig.) to harden, to toughen, to become harder, to become more severe

S’éloigner = to go/move away (from)

Se mouiller = (pr.) to get wet, (fig.) to stick your neck out, to get your hands dirty, to get involved

S’endormir = to fall asleep, to drop off, to nod off

S’envoler =(bird) to fly away, to take flight, (plane) to take off

S’épaissir = to thicken

Se ramollir ou s’adoucir = to soften, to go soft

Se renforcer = to strengthen

Se réveiller = to wake up

Se révéler = to reveal oneself, to show oneself, to prove – the exercise proved (to be) easy

Se séparer = (pr.+fig.) to separate (from), (fig.) to part (with), to split up/off

S’évaporer = to evaporate

S’habituer = to get used to (sth. or -ing form)

Suer = to sweat

Vieillir = to get old ; (population) to grow old, to age


We did it! Now you just have to repeat your verbs in short phrases that you can try to create.

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